greenroof structures & planter systems

Wild greenroof and planter systems can bring a unique range of benefits to your organisation in the key areas of staff amenity, helping the environment and in the visual enhancement of your property

Staff Amenities

In addition to providing visually attractive forms of shelter and storage, as well as merely space to stretch the limbs and relax, the integration of plants and wildlife-friendly features will ensure an improvement in the personal well-being of your staff and therefore their productivity.

Environmental Statement

The installation of Wild greenroof and planters systems will enable you to make a definitive visible statement about the commitment of your own organisation to the safeguarding of our environment and the state of its fragile ecosystems.

This will resonate with your discerning clients who are without doubt becoming increasingly environment-led in their buying decisions.

Along with the reductions you may be able to make in the carbon footprint of your organisation, this will contribute towards your carbon offsets through enhancement of biodiversity, reduction in water run-off and improved air and water quality.

Visual enhancement

Wild greenroof and planter systems enable you to greatly enhance the visual appearance of your facility in an extremely cost-effective manner. Installation is executed quickly and with minimum disruption