greenroof structures & planter systems

Is it possible to provide space in your school for native plants and wildlife?
... and is it important to do so?

We firmly believe that the answer to both questions is yes. We definitely do need areas in every school in which the children can interact with nature.

The problem is, when space and money are limited, this vital shared environment concept can get squeezed out of our thinking.

But we're resolute about this. If children can experience varied eco systems in the small spaces around the school day by day, then it reminds them that nature and the built environment can, and indeed must, exist side by side.

The fact is that herbaceous plants, grasses and wild flowers, can thrive in built environments on green roofs, in small planted areas and protected ponds.

When this happens it reminds us that life can develop and thrive anywhere and everywhere - and this is, in fact, the first lesson of sustainability.

A school environment can be completely transformed by the addition of Wild greenroof and nature planters; that in turn can transform both the attitude and reactions of young people to the environment itself.

Most importantly, your essential school structures can now also function as a valuable learning resource, demonstrating different species, habitats, recycled materials and sustainable design.

They can also ease the pressure on the wider environment through reduction of temperatures and water run-off, along with enhanced biodiversity and air and water quality.