recent projects 2010 - Kingsford Community College

greenroof structures & planter systems

The Kingsford Community College Requirements :

To design and build an external landscaping scheme and planting plan satisfying all of the following requirements:

The Verdant Bridge Solution

Through a fast-track consultation process with the School's Senior Management team, we proposed firstly the forming of a semi-enclosed memorial garden area which would provide a pleasant and relatively tranquil environment, create sense of place but still allow existing desire routes to be used and therefore minimise potential conflicts and pressures. This was achieved by arranging shelters and planters around the edge of the courtyard with spaces between them to allow free movement.

The critical need for shelter from both sun and inclement weather was met in the form of three of our largest Wild shelters, giving a total covered area of just under 100m2. The client was particularly enthusiastic about the contribution that the green roofs would make to biodiversity on the site, and the aesthetic value when viewed from upper floors.

Wild planters were proposed to enhance the garden, and were planted up with a diverse range of sensory plants, chosen for their colour, form and tactile qualities.

Stainless steel plant support wires were installed to protect the plants from damage. They were complemented by a durable selection of Broxap steel benches, picnic tables and litter bins.

The well-worn grass area was replaced with a new tarmacadam surface, and then partially overlaid with a resin-bonded gravel surface to soften the appearance and delineate the main pedestrian route through the garden.