greenroof structures & planter systems

At Verdant Bridge we recognise the need to balance great design and service with responsible and ethical environmental practices. We strive constantly, therefore, to build enhanced levels of whole life cycle sustainability into every item in our Wild product range.

We consistently achieve high standards in terms of the responsible selection and procurement of raw materials. This includes FSC or PEFC accredited timber, locally-sourced and recycled materials, such as growing media produced using crushed brick, wood fibre and greenwaste compost, along with gabion fill materials such as coppiced timber, crushed concrete, aluminium cans and glass bottles.

We also frequently review our manufacturing, transport and installation processes. We choose the most efficient premises, plant and vehicle options in order to minimise energy usage, we fine-tune buying and production techniques in order to reduce and re-use waste, we utilise technology to reduce log-term maintenance inputs and, wherever possible, we build in extended service life.